There is a growing need to control and analyze the food we eat, receive information about the materials we use, and effortlessly reach the convenience level we want at home. Design a personalized smart home product by equipping it with our spectral sensors and meaningful intelligence.


Watch our video on the FoodScanner, a solution that won the Horizon Prize. FoodScanner analyzes precisely, quickly and efficiently food composition and nutrition facts.




Spectral Engines’ award-winning FoodScanner is based on a novel spectral sensing platform and is able to detect the fat, protein, sugar and total energy content of food items at high accuracy.



Blog: How to make Smart Homes even smarter?

The business concerning smart homes is growing fast. Material sensors are a new, emerging technology field about to make an appearance in peoples’ lives. With these devices, we get significantly more information on the surroundings where we live in.

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Food Scanner

Food-related health problems, such as allergies,
obesity and diabetes are substantial issues.
Food-related sensor devices may play a significant
role in smart personal nutrition.