Receive precise information and analyze it outside of laboratory conditions with portable material scanners. An intelligent portable device can deliver the required information on site, and is a useful tool when analyzing material compositions.


What can you actually use a portable material scanner for? Our video showcases the alternatives of utilizing portable material scanners with a variety of different materials from food to fabric.



TactiScan is a pocket-sized narcotics scanner for police patrols. It is the world’s first portable drug screening device designed to detect illicit narcotics onsite with no officer exposure.



Blog: How to build Artificial Intelligence applications cost effectively

There are many real-world use cases that can be realized without super computers or an R&D budget big enough to run a small nation. For example, Spectral Engines uses artificial intelligence to analyze material composition. In this blog you’ll learn how to build viable AI applications with relatively small resources.

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Safety & Security

Infrared spectroscopic measurements are
used for material identification in safety and
security applications. Portability and connectivity
help officials use the applications onsite.

Material sensing

The challenges of laboratory instruments relate
to their price, size and the need for professional
laboratory personnel. NIR portable analyzers
have mainly solved these challenges.