What can you actually use a portable material scanner for? Our video showcases the alternatives of utilizing portable material scanners with a variety of different materials from food to fabric.


TactiScan® is a pocket-sized narcotics scanner for police patrols. It is the world’s first portable drug screening device designed to detect illicit narcotics onsite with no officer exposure.

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Blog: How to build Artificial Intelligence applications cost effectively

There are many real-world use cases that can be realized without super computers or an R&D budget big enough to run a small nation. For example, Spectral Engines® uses artificial intelligence to analyze material composition. In this blog you’ll learn how to build viable AI applications with relatively small resources.

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Application Notes

Safety & Security

Infrared spectroscopic measurements are
used for material identification in safety and
security applications. Portability and connectivity
help officials use the applications onsite.

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Material sensing

The challenges of laboratory instruments relate
to their price, size and the need for professional
laboratory personnel. NIR portable analyzers
have mainly solved these challenges.

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