Identify narcotics on the spot

TactiScan is the first portable and reusable drug screening device, designed to detect illicit narcotics onsite with no officer exposure. After placing the material on the device, the sensor detects the kind of narcotic and displays it in the connected app within seconds. The data is also available for later case reports.

Our patented technology scans through transparent plastic bags, so no sample preparation is needed. The one-step test procedure allows an unlimited number of tests with one device. 
In the table below, please find a comparison between the common methods and the TactiScan solution.
  TactiScan Test kits Raman devices
  Scans through transparent bags x   x
  No need for sample preparation x   x
  Works for dark samples (i.e. heroin) x x  
  Does not destroy the sample x   x
  No need for chemical reagents x    
  Fast analysis time x    
  Low-cost analysis x x  
 Eco-friendly and safe x    

In some cases Raman devices need sample preparation, i.e. when dealing with heroin. This increases the risk of sample contamination and unnecessary officer exposure.


Learn more about how our portable NIR spectroscopy solution brings new levels of safety to police field work.