NIRONE Scanner Platform

The world’s smartest, fastest and easiest way to create your unique material sensing solution.

NIRONE Scanner Platform is a unique material sensing solution which enables the development of new innovative material sensing applications. Our NIRONE Scanner Platform speeds up the market-entry of your unique material sensing solution significantly. NIRONE Scanner Platform includes the world’s smartest material scanner NIRONE Device, equipped with next-generation NIR-technology, an easy-to-use mobile app, cloud connectivity and advanced algorithms.

A vital part of the NIRONE Scanner Platform is an intelligent cloud for fast data collection and analysis. The platform is scalable up to thousands of sensors, and through our turn-key solution, you can achieve a fast go-to-market and avoid initial investments. Our award-winning technology and committed team of experts will help you every step of the way in taking your material sensing product to the next level.

NIRONE Scanner Platform includes:

  • Portable spectral scanners
  • NIRONE Scanner Mobile App
  • NIRONE Scanner Web App
  • Advanced cloud computing algorithms for material analysis

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