NIRONE Scanner Platform

Development of novel material scanners requires comprehensive skills and special knowledge. NIRONE Scanner Platform offers ready-made and modular building blocks to speed up market-entry for your unique solution. Proven technology and our committed development team will help you to pole position in the fast-growing material sensor market.

The list of scanner applications that can be generated with our award-winning spectral sensor technology is endless. Whatever application you choose to create added value to your customers, we provide you the tools for developing and operating it.

We can provide you a turn-key scanner solution or you can select only those building blocks you need in your own scanner development. One way of starting is to use our scanners in fast development work. NIRONE Scanner is built on NIRONE Device by adding initial calibrations and connectivity to Spectral Engines’ computing cloud. Our cloud-based algorithms and tools make application development and control of sensor network easy and powerful.

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