NIRONE Lab is the world´s  first, compact, versatile material composition scanner system
specifically designed for fast, accurate and reliable measurement data collection. Through a set of Near-Infrared spectral sensor modules powered by machine learning, the Labscanner enables the collection of representative laboratory data and delivers it in a low-cost, portable platform.

The core of the NIRONE Lab system are eight Spectral Engines’ Near Infrared (NIR) spectral sensing modules combined with mobile and cloud connectivity to enable fast mass data management. NIR-spectrometers are widely used in many fields to measure material content and have a proven track record in getting highly accurate measurement data in laboratory conditions - but in case of NIRONE sensors in a small, robust, and inexpensive way.

Optical reading requires no sample preparation and does not alter the sample in any way. The system can be operated by easily trained personnel to acquire a reference library of high-volume material in a quality assurance laboratory. Our solution enables the data gathering with a statistical distribution of spectra, without operator errors and it runs without continuous monitoring.



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