Food Scanner

Food Scanner


Food is one the most important factors in people’s lives, but unfortunately it is one of the major causes when it comes to health. Food-related problems such as food allergies, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have grown fast and they are causing severe problems globally. Also, food authenticity is a huge problem in many developing countries. The world needs new, easy, fast and preferably portable tools to manage these problems.

Food Scanner Innovation

Spectral Engines has developed a novel spectral sensing platform that offers unique benefits in many applications, such as food sensing and analysis. The Food Scanner solution concept utilizes the world’s smallest true NIR spectral sensing module, advanced algorithms, cloud-connectivity and a vast material library to reveal the fat, protein, sugar and total energy content of food items at good accuracy. Our Food Scanner –solution utilises well-proven infrared spectroscopic methods for material detection, giving it a high measurement performance in compact size. The solution is truly portable and easy to accommodate to other applications, both industrial and consumer.

Award winner

Our solution has gained acknowledgement. It was awarded as the winner of Horizon Prize, a competition organised by European Union, in March 2017. Earlier, in February 2016, the solution has received Photonics Prism Award in detectors and sensors category at Photonics West 2016.

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