World's smallest NIR sensor now shipping!

Now shipping! Spectral Engines introduces world's smallest NIR sensor module. These  modules weigh less than 15 grams and have an envelope of 25x25x17 mm3. This not only includes the optical part, but also two light sources, control electronics and rugged aluminum mechanics, everything factory-calibrated.

Despite the small size, the modules have high performance with SNR up to 3 times better compared to a linear array spectrometers with cooled detector.

The module has a single connector for OEM integration, making it easy to integrate. The device is controlled through UART commands making the solution virtually platform independent for software developers. Our Software Development Kit includes command listings with detailed description and ready-made example Labview VIs. Two ready-made optical interface modules are available: reflection and fiber-optic.

For a quick start one can get our sensor module Evaluation Kit, which includes one module along with a USB interface board and Sensor Control software for data acquisition, lamp controlling and data saving.  Also a complete NIR reflection instruments are provided. The portable wireless reflection device includes a battery, Bluetooth connection, reflection optics and plastic housing and runs on Android devices.