The Purpl PRO – the Lab Accurate, Portable Cannabis Testing System by Purpl Scientific – Now Measures Moisture in Addition to Potency

St. Louis, MO July 14, 2020


Purpl Scientific which is a subsidiary of Spectral Engines Oy and a developer of the Purpl PRO - the lab accurate, hand-held potency measurement system for cannabis and hemp – announced it has released the “+H20 Pack” – an optional feature that measures water activity and moisture percentages.


The Purpl PRO is a robust testing system that provides unlimited lab-accurate results in under ten seconds. The cloud-connected device can go anywhere - giving users the resources of a full-scale lab in the palm of their hand.


Measuring moisture content in cannabis is critical, especially in today’s highly regulated legal markets. Growers have a small target to hit: Over-drying damages trichomes and affects yield. Under-drying violates regulations, increases chances of mold contamination, and puts customers at risk.


The Purpl PRO with the +H20 Pack allows growers to take unlimited potency, water activity and moisture percentage tests, giving them better insight and control, so they can release the best quality product that commands the highest possible price.

The +H20 Pack is available to users of the Purpl PRO for only $39.99 per month, and is free for a 30 day trial. See Purpl Scientific’s website for details.


If you need a Purpl PRO, visit the “Where to Buy” page. If you already have a Purpl PRO, you can now activate your free trial.


For more information on Purpl Scientific or the Purpl PRO or the new +H20 Pack, call: (833) 787-7534 or visit:


About Purpl Scientific, Inc.

Purpl Scientific developed the Purpl PRO to provide lab-quality test results in a compact, portable device. The Purpl PRO confirms cannabis quality and chemical composition throughout the lifecycle - from cultivation to consumption. Using technology proven in the pharmaceutical industry, the Purpl PRO is the world’s first potency and moisture testing system that provides lab accurate, instantaneous results in an affordable cloud-connected device that fits in the palm of your hand.







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