Talouselämä selected Spectral Engines to a list of 10 Finnish start-ups to follow

Talouselämä, the biggest Business Weekly magazine in Nordic countries, ranked Finland’s TOP20 most promising start-up companies of the year 2016. The yearly list was now published for the fifth time. The companies are ranked based on the business plan, opportunities for growth and the chance of success in global business.

Spectral Engines Oy was selected to the list of 10 Finnish companies to be followed. This list can be seen as as a challenger list for the TOP20 promising companies. Spectral Engines has now been nominated twice to Talouselämä's list of the most interesting Finnish start-ups which is extremely good result for the company founded 2014.

"We are very happy and excited to be observed and evaluated by Talouselämä now twice. This shows that we have done right choices in our business plan and we have been able to follow our business plan successfully. This is a significant acknowledgement not only for our team, but also for our supervisors, board, investors and customers. We have spent a lot of time to develop our new products but also building up customer portfolio with the companies who are sharing our vision about future material sensing. We believe that Year 2016 will offer a lot of great moments for us when several new products will be brought onto the market in January-February.", states Janne Suhonen, CCO of Spectral Engines.