Steve Buckley leads Spectral Engines’ sales in North America

Spectral Engines is pleased to announce that Dr. Steve Buckley has joined the team for North American sales, effective immediately.

Dr. Buckley brings a wealth of spectroscopic experience to the Spectral Engines team. A former staff member at Sandia National Laboratories and subsequently engineering faculty at both the University of Maryland and the University of California, San Diego, Steve has worked with spectral devices from the microwave region to the deep UV. Steve co-founded Photon Machines, Inc. in 2006, which focused on LIBS and laser ablation, and also built innovative near-IR tunable diode laser systems. Following the acquisition of Photon Machines’ LIBS business by TSI Incorporated, Steve worked directly for TSI from 2012 until May 2016, focused on growing the business through strong customer service and application focus. Of his new role with Spectral Engines, Steve says, “I am delighted to be working with such an innovative and compact new NIR and MIR sensor system. Our MEMS-based Fabry-Perot sensors are both powerful and amazingly compact. I foresee applications for Spectral Engines devices that will redefine the role of spectroscopy – this is an exciting place to be!”

Janne Suhonen, CCO of Spectral Engines, is excited about the addition of Dr. Buckley to the team. “Steve has spent nearly 20 years working in application of spectroscopy across the spectrum. He will delight our customers with his responsiveness and experience, and we are delighted to have him join our group.” Janne noted that Steve’s experience as an engineer may be very helpful to clients wishing to innovate with the Spectral Engines platforms. “Steve loves to work with customers,” said Janne, “and I imagine that a host of successful innovations will result from those collaborations.”

Steve can be reached in US at 425-305-2133, or Welcome onboard Steve!