Spectral Engines signs a strategic partnership agreement with Hanon to enter China market

On July 13, Spectral Engines and Jinan Hanon Instruments signed a strategic partnership agreement covering distribution and joint product development in China. The contract enforces Spectral Engines’ position in China and gives Hanon tools for fast business development.

Agreement enables fast expansion through strategic fit

Spectral Engines and Jinan Hanon Instruments have signed a strategic partnership agreement as a part of Spectral Engines’ expansion in Asia. The signing ceremony took place at Hanon’s headquarters in Jinan, China. Jinan has evolved into a major national administrative, economic, and transportation hub with a population of more than 7 million. “We are extremely excited to have started this co-operation with Hanon”, says Jarkko Antila, CEO of Spectral Engines. “This has been a project that we launched last year and we are happy to have found a great match who shares our vision and strategy on how smart spectral sensors will change the world. We realized that it will be very challenging to expand effectively to the China market on our own, so we wanted to find a great partner”, Antila continues. “One big motivation for us to start collaboration with Hanon was that they will invest to a dedicated business unit to take Spectral Engines’ smart sensor technology to market. This will also make Hanon’s time-to-market very short, as they get ready-made tools to their use through us.”

Spectral Engines' CEO Jarkko Antila and Hanon's CEO Gavin Zhang at the signing event.

Strong alliance brings NIRONE smart sensor technology to the Chinese market

Through our joint effort - Spectral Engines bringing in deep spectral sensor know-how and global applications, and Hanon bringing in their great networks and China and their application capability – we believe that together we are in an extremely good position to expand rapidly to the Chinese markets. China markets have great potential, especially for prosumer and eventually consumer applications. The pace of the market is fast – the increase in GPD will be at least 6.5% this year, as estimated by Chinese governmental bodies. Based on our experience with Chinese customers we see that their capability to adapt fast and to have a real hands-on approach is world-class.

Mr. Gavin Zhang, CEO of Hanon comments: “We have evaluated several NIR spectral sensor technologies, and Spectral Engines was clearly ahead of the others. We were confident after visiting the team in Finland and meeting up with the whole team, that Spectral Engines is the right partner for us. We see that this collaboration will reduce our time-to-market significantly, which is one of the most critical factors in introducing new products, especially in the field which is now expanding quickly in China. Hanon has a strong contact network in the field and now we can expand our portfolio to portable devices in addition to our already-strong lab market, so this is a clear strategic fit. We believe that we now have great competitive edges: fast capability of entering new applications and high-performance and cost-effective technology to support it.”

Joint workshop with high-level NIR experts to start using the NIRONE platform

Hanon and Spectral Engines organized a workshop that included several high-level NIR experts from all around China. Our CEO Jarkko Antila presented in-depth information on our NIRONE-platform and applications. Based on the feedback and discussions, Mr. Antila was really impressed on the level of expertize present at the seminar and how quickly we started going to real applications. In the future, Spectral Engines’ technology and Hanon’s solutions can be seen in multiple conferences and exhibitions in China.

Participants after a successful workshop outside Hanon's headquarters in Jinan.

For more information, please contact Mr. Tomi Väänänen of Spectral Engines ( or Mr. Roger Du of Hanon (

About Jinan Hanon Instruments Co., Ltd ( Jinan Hanon Instruments Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of analytical instruments and solutions, which commits to food safety and nutrition as well as drug quality supervision. In October 2014, Jinan Hanon formally started moving a part of production line to their new factory, which totally covers area of 66,000 square meters (First stage). It is truly the largest factory of analytical instruments filed in Asia. Currently they are using two of the plants with 16,000 square meters. Jinan Hanon’s strong markets are Petrochemical, Environmental, Pharmaceutical and Food analysis. With 400+ employees of which more than 100 are sales staff, they have 6 subsidiaries and 17 offices across China.

About Spectral Engines Oy ( Spectral Engines is a Finland-based company, founded in 2014. The company develops and produces ground breaking smart sensor technology, which can measure the very make-up of materials. The solutions will improve industrial processes, enable advanced pocket-size analyzers and provide material sensing for consumer applications. The team and technology platforms enable new measurement applications and business opportunities. Spectral Engines’ novel technology originates from years of research done at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, now developed to a full industrial-grade sensor.

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