Spectral Engines’ OEM modules offer new opportunities for systems integrators

Spectral Engines Oy introduces new module series of sensors for OEM customers and applications. OEM modules are designed for system integrators who are looking for compact, robust and easy-to-integrate modules for spectroscopic measurements. Our OEM sensor modules help system integrators to bring measurements out from laboratory in the form of sensor networks and/or hand-held instruments. Our compact OEM modules incorporate a full electronics, run by ARM Cortex microprocessor technology and giving interface options such as USB, UART and I2C. The core engine consists of a hermetic detector package including a Fabry-Perot Interferometer (FPI) and a single element detector with peltier element.

Spectral Engines offer new Spectral Sensor platform for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators. Our devices are compact, robust and offer interfacing using common communications buses. The sensors are easy to integrate as they are factory-calibrated and ready-to-go. Sensors can be combined with a multitude of process probes and illumination sources having an SMA fiber-optic connectors. With the standard OEM module one only needs to install Spectral Engines’ Sensor Control software to a computer and plug the sensor in with a USB cable. OEM customers can utilize our easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK), including e.g. copy-paste Labview® vi’s to speed-up the development phase of new products.

Our newest MEMS-technology platform brings MEMS-fabricated cost-efficient platforms available for all developers. We offer also technical support for our OEM partners to integrate our technology smoothly to your products. We work from initial feasibility phase to product launch together with customers in order to secure seamless product integration for OEMs and system integrators and to achieve growing business to both sides. Our OEM platforms cover solutions for both NIR and MIR applications. Thanks to compact size, low power consumption, robustness and attractive price point our Spectral Sensors create new business opportunities from process industry to portable instruments and high-volume spectroscopy applications.

Please contact us if you like to become an OEM partner and let’s talk more how to take the first steps.