Spectral Engines’ milk quality measurement solution selected as a finalist in the Elisa Innovation Challenge contest

Elisa Innovation Challenge competition, in search of new success products for the Internet of Things and Smart Home solutions, has now reached the final stage. The jury selected the best products in the IoT and Smart Home series for the finals. Spectral Engines was selected as one of the top three finalists in the IoT series.

Spectral Engines finalist product is a networked smart material sensor. The solution can be used to identify a variety of materials, substances and substance concentrations for example food and fake medicines. Spectral Engines solution demonstrates how IoT capabilities can be combined with a smart sensor network to produce added value. Within the scope of this competition, Spectral Engines introduces a new solution for the dairy industry (globally worth USD 335.8 billion) which can result in 10% yield improvement in milk production. The solution provides real-time information on key performance parameters using networked spectral sensors which enable improving milk quality by monitoring individual cow performance and milk quality parameters, such as fat and protein content. This information helps farmers to optimize feeding and health of cows.

“The level of the competitors is really high this year as well. In the top three in the IoT category, there are two internationally unique technical achievements and one challenger that focuses on ease of use, and all of them have outstanding commercial potential. All three teams are already aiming for global markets to begin with”, says with delight the Vice President responsible for Elisa’s IoT project, Markku Hollström. Nearly a hundred competition entries were sent at the beginning for the Elisa Innovation Challenge competition, of which 19 were selected for the actual competition.

The competition will culminate on December 1 at the Slush event, where the finalists will present their products to the broader public. Slush is a two-day international startup and investor event, organized annually in Helsinki, Finland. In 2015, Slush gathered 15,000 attendees, including 1,700 startups, 800 investors and 630 journalists, together representing 100 countries. See you there!

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