Spectral Engines brings a complete next-generation portable material sensing solution NIRONE Device to market in November 2017

Spectroscopy has developed rapidly from expensive and large laboratory analyzing equipment to pocket-sized sensors in just a few decades. Earlier this year, Spectral Engines launched the NIRONE sensor, and later this fall the NIRONE product family will expand with an improved wireless NIRONE Device, a complete material sensing solution platform designed to increase the functionality of sensors and shorten application development time drastically. The pocket-sized device with the NIRONE Device mobile app provides an easy way to take the first measurements on the field and to start data collection. The Device enables faster application development and testing, and provides a quick way to build wireless spectroscopy scanner applications. The connectivity of the device enables communication with portable devices, such as laptops and mobile phones, and permits the use of cloud connections and intelligent algorithms on the field.


With a measurement time less than 2 seconds, the Device is extremely fast to operate and it generates real-time results and robust measurements onsite. The mobile app and Sensor Control Software make it easy to save the analyzed data safely, and the connection to the app is secured with a Smart Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity. The main components of the Device include a NIRONE sensor, IP65 level housing and low energy bluetooth. The device is battery powered and splash resistant, perfectly designed to endure all kind of analyzation needs, especially in field analyzing circumstances.


Spectral Engines Product Manager Aleksi Ukkola highlights the fact that the NIRONE Device integrates all the essential key features needed for future smart material sensing solution development. “It is the first NIR-spectroscopy based ready-to-use portable sensor device for robust environment measurements. The solution also includes an easy-to-use mobile application for device remote controlling and spectrum data measurements”, Ukkola says. “Our main target was to create a more complete and fully portable device with better usability and faster operation, that will create easier ways to pilot use cases without additional development costs”, Aleksi Ukkola continues.


The NIRONE Device will be released on 28th of November in Spectral Engines Grand Opening. You can watch a live stream of the release at 10AM Finnish time on our Facebook-page.


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