Spectral Engines announces a smaller-than-cubic-inch NIR spectrometer

Spectral Engines Oy presents a new family of products of highly miniaturized NIR Spectral Modules for OEMs: Spectral Modules, Evaluation Kits and the Reference Design. The products are available for pre-orders and the deliveries will start in March-April, 2016. Smaller than a one-inch cube (25x25x15mm) and with pricing below 1’000 €, The Spectral Module is the worlds most compact and cost-efficient NIR measurement module.

The Spectral Module comes in three different wavelength ranges: 1.35-1.65, 1.55-1.95 and 1.75-2.15 μm and is factory-calibrated for instant installation. The Spectral Module contains two light sources and a hermetically sealed spectral detector incorporating a proprietary MEMS element, all supported by strong and lightweight mechanics. Physical integration is easy using mounting fixtures and a single electrical connector, allowing for direct mounting e.g. to a PCB.

The Spectral Module is virtually platform independent: when using the module as a part of an embedded system, the communication is done either through a serial port or I2C. The Spectral Module is the perfect choice for OEMs, such as system integrators and others with volume needs. The Spectral Module Evaluation Kit includes a NIR Spectral Module and an I/F board for USB connection, opto-mechanical interfaces and Sensor Control Software. With the Evaluation Kit and Software Development Kit one is fully equipped for developing high-performance instrumentation.