Spectral Engines and Pro-lite Technology attended Photonex exhibition in UK

Photonex is the leading UK show for photonics combining research, technical innovations and commercialization of photonics technology.  Optical sensing methods such as spectroscopy are now in demand in the industrial sensing solutions market supporting the metrological systems needed in variety of industries. These sensor systems can deliver vast amounts of data from detection of incoming raw materials to monitoring the manufacturing processes to collecting information to maintenance needs.


As Robert Yeo, the Director of Pro-lite Technology summarizes his thoughts on the Photonex exhibition: ”We are extremely happy to present our expanded range of spectroscopy products including the Spectral Engines’ exciting NIR sensors and devices. Pro-Lite seeks to offer our customers a complete range of solutions within the area of optical spectroscopy.”


Scalability of such systems is one of the keys in incorporating these devices into the industrial IoT. According to Nick Barnett, Sales Development Manager at Pro-Lite Technology: ”This scalability and small size of Spectral Engines’ NIRONE sensors were of great interest to our industrial customers at the show.” 

”We had a very good show with Pro-Lite and we were very happy to combine our extensive photonics experience with Pro-Lite to help and serve our customers to solve their material sensing challenges. It is also almost flattering to see how well Finnish technology is recognized and received in the UK.” says Matti Tossavainen, Spectral Engines’ Sales and Marketing Manager.