Spectral Engines and PehuTec to strategic R&D co-operation in complete E2E material sensing IoT solutions development

Spectral Engines has launched a new NIRONE material sensing platform which includes complete building blocks for smart material sensing solutions and speed up the customers’ market entry to industrial and portable IoT market.

Faster expansion to new material sensing IoT solutions

Spectral Engines and PehuTec signed a strategic partnership agreement covering joint product and IoT business development. The contract enforces Spectral Engines’ competence and expertise to provide and realize complete E2E material sensing solutions for industrial and portable IoT market. Together with PehuTec’s IoT security and connectivity competence and experience, Spectral Engines brings a new NIRONE platform available to customer IoT solutions development. Smart material sensing IoT solutions creation and piloting can be realized with NIRONE Devices, which integrates spectral sensoring solution, IoT security and connectivity and our cloud-based spectral analyzing engines. NIRONE

Devices are the fastest step to smart material sensing IoT solutions piloting in the field. After IoT use case has been proven, customized NIRONE scanner solution can be developed.

“We are happy to have found a great match who shares our vision and strategy on how smart IoT solutions will change the world. We realized that it will be very challenging to expand to complete IoT solutions creation on our own, so we wanted to find a great partner”, says Jarkko Antila (CEO) from Spectral Engines. “One big motivation for us to start collaboration with PehuTec was that they have earlier experience about IoT connectivity and software development. They have also business experience and knowhow from industrial IoT and portable devices,” says Aleksi Ukkola (Product Manager) from Spectral Engines.

”This co-operation enables us to engage to a challenging and inspiring solution area, where we can fully utilize our expertise in developing wirelessly to Internet connected portable devices. With Spectral Engines, we do realize an innovative, full-blown IOT solution ,” explains Pehutec’s Sales Director Juhani Leppänen.

“PehuTec has been providing development services to Spectral Engines in product concepting, system design and engineering, development project planning, but also a detailed level mechanical, electronics and software design and engineering. In addition to product development activities, PehuTec has been consulting customer in building quality management system. Like in this Spectral Engines program, PehuTec is looking for new and growing champions with innovative product ideas and ambitious leadership team, with whom it can form a partnership based long-term product development business,” Leppänen continues.

New smart material sensing IoT solutions opens new era of IoT applications and services creation to industry and consumer markets

In joint collaboration model, Spectral Engines bringing in deep spectral sensor know-how and global applications, and PehuTec bringing in their great IoT SW and devices development competence, R&D network and their IoT end-application development capability. We believe that together we are in an extremely good position to expand rapidly to the smart material sensing IoT market. Globally material sensing IoT markets have great potential, especially for prosumer and eventually consumer applications.

For more information, please contact Aleksi Ukkola, Product Manager, Spectral Engines or Juhani Leppänen, Sales Director, Pehutec.

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