Spectral Engines and Acal Bfi attended GFSV conference in France

Spectral Engines CCO, Janne Suhonen, visited in France last week. The program included several customer meetings and also very interesting GFSV (Groupe Français de Spectroscopies Vibrationnelles) conference ( 23rd GPSV conference took place in Le Mans which is famous about 24 hours of Le Mans car race. This year the conference attracted many leading-edge scientists all over to France to come and present their latest results and learn more from future technology trends. Janne Suhonen gave a talk about Spectral Engines' new NIRONE product family and he presented also the EU Horizon Prize award-winning FoodScan concept to the French audience.

Acal Bfi is a leading photonics distributor in France. The history of Bfi Optilas has given very strong position to Acal Bfi particularly in France. Acal Bfi did big changes in their strategy and organization during last year. The new focus is on smart sensors and IoT components. Spectral Engines's products support very well Acal Bfi's new strategy to be France leading Photonics OEM distributor also in the future.

Gregoire Saget, Sales Engineer, and Awa Bakayoko, Sales Engineer, from Acal attended also to GFSV. "This GFSV conference has been in our annual calendar very long time. The audience is very much focused into Research world, but we have seen this very productive to make the bridge between research and industrial players. Our main focus is still in industrial OEM customers, but in many cases we have seen it is very important to promote products also to research organizations. Research organizations are able to prove technology suitability but also they are valuable partners to study new applications" Gregoire explains Acal Bfi's strategy in Photonics.

"We see huge potential in compact sensors in France market. We have long tradition in photonics and we know France market very well. So there has not been big issues to start to promote Spectral Engines compact sensors to our existing customers. We are impressed Spectral Engines as a partner and we are convinced about their new strategy focusing into compact and cost-efficient sensors. NIRONE is really good evidence where we believe the spectroscopy is also going in longer run." Awa continues about her impression about France as a market for next generation Spectral Sensors.

“NIROne near-infrared spectrometers from Spectral Engines offer us an unique opportunity to improve and complement our quality control strategy in process control and product identification. Sensors are compact, sensitive, reliable and cost effective. Sensors enable easy method development and large utilization,” comments Jean Guilment, head of Vibrational Spectroscopy, UV-Visible and process analytical technologies at Arkema, member of GFSV board.

Au revoir, France!