Smart Sensing conference 2018 in Tokyo

Smart Sensing conference in Japan was a big success

Smart Sensing conference is one of the leading-edge sensing and IoT technology trade shows in Japan. This year a total of 50’827 visitors visited the three-day event in Tokyo Big Sight. The conference brings together many industry players from sensor device, network and application markets. This year, Smart Sensing 2018 gave an excellent view of where IoT and smart sensing stand today in a pioneering country like Japan. This year’s trade show was a great combination of many companies showing their latest innovations in robotics, mobile devices, data analysis and smart factory concepts. Spectral Engines presented how material sensing can be a significant part of the Future Trillion Sensors concepts by bringing chemical information into smart factories’ control systems.


Spectral Engines attended the Smart Sensing 2018 conference in Tokyo with the company’s Japanese distributor, KLV Co. Ltd, who were selected as the “Distributor of the Year” by Spectral Engines last year. The collaboration between the two companies has been intense and KLV has been very successful in promoting the technologies efficiently to industrial partners. The “Distributor of the Year” award was also much appreciated by KLV’s president Mr. Daisuke Kawagishi.



Spectral Engines and KLV at Smart Sensing 2018


“Currently, Japanese companies are looking for new business opportunities to create new products which utilize IoT. The sensor that we had before was too pricey for acquiring spectral data, but the NIRONETM Sensor from Spectral Engines makes it possible to find new sensing methods. We believe that these new sensing methods will expand even more new business markets in the future”, summarizes Mr. Tanaka from KLV as the main reason to participate the Smart Sensing 2018 conference.


Spectral Engines and KLV gave a presentation in the conference. The presentation was titled “Ultra-compact MEMS based spectral sensors and applications” and drew in more than 100 listeners. The presentation showed how affordable MEMS sensors can be used together with advanced machine learning algorithms, gathering valuable information in many practical smart sensing applications. In addition, the NIRONE Scanner Platform was demonstrated at the KLV booth. The booth was fully occupied after the talk, as many participants wanted to get a hands-on-demonstration on how the Scanner Platform works in practice.



Spectral Engines' COO Janne Suhonen presenting "Ultra-compact MEMS based spectral sensors and applications"


“We think that the Smart Sensing conference is a great place to find new applications and new users for Spectral Engines’ products. Our goal was contacting new people, and I’m happy to say that the Smart Sensing trade show was very successful for us”, says Mr. Tanaka.


The week Spectral Engines spent in Japan included many industrial appointments at the conference and nearby Tokyo. The visits and meetings were very productive, and some of the companies are planning to visit Spectral Engines’ headquarters during next month.


“I’m very confident that material sensing will play a very crucial role in future smart sensing applications. The Smart Sensing 2018 conference and our discussions with Japanese companies in this technology area further strengthened my feelings about our future business opportunities. In addition to this, I got an opportunity to train KLV about our products”, Spectral Engines’ CCO Janne Suhonen summarizes his trip to Japan. “Overall, Smart Sensing was a big success for the organizers, but also to KLV and Spectral Engines.”


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