RECENDT applies Spectral Engines’ novel sensor technology in smart processes

Austria based research company RECENDT (Research Center for Non Destructive Testing GmbH) is one of the top research organizations for the development of new optical and acoustic sensor technologies. RECENDT is involved in various domestic and international research and development projects where new optical spectroscopic techniques are needed. RECENDT is focusing on material testing, material characterization, quality assurance of processes and products as well as medical and biological analysis. RECENDT applies now also Spectral Engines’ spectral sensor technology in various smart process applications. Spectral Engines’ sensors offer a versatile platform that enable straightforward integration to measurement systems where high performance and compactness are required.

Markus Brandstetter, Head of the Research Group for Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy, says: “We see a big opportunity to wider use of spectroscopy in many industrial measurement applications. Microspectrometers can replace expensive and bulky instruments, which are currently used, while providing the required spectral information for process control much more cost-effectively. We see this as a future enabling technology also for those process applications that have not been studied before because of the size or cost of existing sensing technology.”

“We are very satisfied in this co-operation with RECENDT. Universities and research centers are important partners for us. We will get valuable feedback about integration of our sensor technology via research collaboration. In addition, we gain new information about potential future applications of smart sensors”, comments Uula Kantojärvi, Chief Technology Officer of Spectral Engines.

RECENDT is an internationally recognized research center for Non Destructive Testing and material characterization. The main tasks are the generation of scientific knowledge and its implementation in industrial solutions. RECENDT's range of services incorporates the whole R&D process chain and stretches from application-oriented fundamental research to the development of state-of-the-art technology for industrial applications.

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Markus Brandstetter, RECENDT GmbH