PRO-PAT Project Combines Smart Sensors With Novel IoT Platforms

A Kick-Off meeting of ProPAT project, was hold 27th of January in Brussels. The project involves totally 16 partners including European leading-edge research organisations, big end-users, sensors companies and system integrators. The project has secured funding totally 6M€ from EU-SPIRE-1 program.

The scope of ProPAT is to develop new Smart Sensor platforms and combine those with novel IoT platforms in order to improve production efficiency and the quality of products in several manufacturing processes. The Process industries require a high degree of automation, monitoring, and advanced simulation and control for their often complex manufacturing processes and operations. Emphasis is on continuous or batch production, mixing, reaction and separation of materials of higher value. Increased globalisation and competition are drivers for the adoption of PAT technologies that enable seamless process control, greater flexibility and cost efficiency.

ProPAT aims to develop novel sensors and analysers for providing measurements on composition, particle size and local bulk properties. ProPAT will enable real time closed-loop process control to optimize industrial processes. The project results will be validated in several manufacturing processes including milling of minerals, ceramics, metals, mixing and granulation of pharma products and polymerization of resins. The aim to develop highly scalable and flexible IoT platform which enable to combine information from a multitude of sensors.

Spectral Engines’s role will be emphasized to further develop our novel near-infrared and mid-infrared sensor platforms to bring real-time chemical composition information into IoT database. The goal is to develop and integrate reliable and easy-to-use spectral sensors for PAT applications and test these in the industrial applications defined by the end users. The results of ProPAT can be utilised broadly in most of the process industries where robustness, reliability and high sensitivity are crucial features.

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More information:
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