m-u-t AG and Spectral Engines join forces

Behind the scenes of the m-u-t AG deal, promising an even brighter photonics future

On 3rd of May 2018, German technology company m-u-t AG acquired 75% of Spectral Engines’ shares, thus becoming the main shareholder of Spectral Engines. m-u-t was originally founded in 1995 and has over 20 years expertise on technological innovations in the market...

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Germany based photonics company m-u-t AG has acquired 75% of Spectral Engines’ shares

PRESS RELEASE 4.5.2018For immediate release

Finnish sensor technology company Spectral Engines has signed a contract with a Germany based photonics company m-u-t AG on 3rd of May 2018. m-u-t AG acquires 75% of Spectral Engines’ shares becoming the main shareholder of Spectral Engines. This mutually-beneficial acquisition will expand Spectral...

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Material scanners selected to a TOP5 list of future radical technologies

The Future Committee of Finland has published a report on radical technologies that will change the world and mold the future of society. The report was published at an official Future Committee hearing event held at the Finnish Parliament on April 18th 2018, and it is an update to a previous report published in 2013.

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NIRONE Scanner now ready for new piloting cases

In January 2018, Spectral Engines launched a next-generation platform for creating advanced material sensing solutions. We are now ready for new piloting cases all over the world.

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A drug screening device revolutionizing the future of police work launched at GPEC conference in Frankfurt

PRESS RELEASE 20.2.2018For immediate release

Detecting illicit drugs outside of laboratory environments can be extremely dangerous, expensive and time consuming. A new revolutionary scanner device TactiScan is an affordable, portable drug-screening scanner designed to detect illicit narcotics without unnecessary officer exposure, helping police...

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Introducing the NIRONE Scanner Platform - the smartest, fastest and easiest way to create your unique material sensing solution

Spectral Engines, a pioneer company in material sensing, introduces a new complete material sensing solution for portable and process measurements. In the past, the development of material scanners has required special skills and thorough knowledge on spectroscopy. Spectral Engines’ new product, the NIRONE Scanner, is specifically designed to...

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A new international talent joins the software development team

Spectral Engines’ new strategy is to offer more complete solutions for material sensing and speed up the customers’ end product’s market entry. The role of software development is becoming more and more vital in Spectral Engines’ new product offering, where the world’s smartest material scanner NIRONE Device is combined with advanced machine...

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Spectral Engines makes the cut in “Analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow in 2018 TOP 20” list

A highly valued industry publication, eeNews Analog, has announced its annual list of the most noteworthy analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow this year, and Spectral Engines is making an appearance on the list for the first time in its history. The eeNews Analog is a part of eeNews Europe, a combined print and online publication developed...

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A majorly successful Grand Opening and launch of the NIRONE Device

On November 28th, we kicked off a new era of spectral sensing technologies with the launch of our renewed NIRONE Device and the grand opening event of our new headquarters in Helsinki. We were extremely happy to witness such a big crowd of our partners, journalists and people interested in the future of spectroscopy at the event. See the video...

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Spectral Engines brings a complete next-generation portable material sensing solution NIRONE Device to market in November 2017

Spectroscopy has developed rapidly from expensive and large laboratory analyzing equipment to pocket-sized sensors in just a few decades. Earlier this year, Spectral Engines launched the NIRONE sensor, and later this fall the NIRONE product family will expand with an improved wireless NIRONE Device, a complete material sensing solution platform...

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