Nynomic to increase its ownership of Spectral Engines to 100%

Nynomic AG has increased its stake in the subsidiary Spectral Engines Oy, which was integrated into the Group in 2018, to 100% ahead of schedule.


Spectral Engines is a Finnish company, founded in 2014, and based in Helsinki. Nynomic AG acquired 75% of the company shares in 2018. Spectral Engines’ basic technology are MEMS-based spectral sensors, developed as a disruptive approach for highly miniaturised and inexpensive detectors. In 2017, series production readiness was achieved and supplemented by an independent, highly innovative solution for Cloud-based data processing and a corresponding platform for machine learning. Spectral Engines is thus able to offer customers the entire spectrum of the value chain, from the spectral sensor to the final application device in a cost-effective way.


With this strategic measure, Nynomic is continuing on its consistent path towards consolidating the Group structure and reducing minority interests. At the same time, the Group is increasing its market presence in corresponding potential and strategically important B2C applications.



About Nynomic AG:


Nynomic AG is an internationally leading manufacturer of products for permanent, non-contact and non-destructive optical measurement technology. The products and services of the Nynomic Group are based on a wide range of intelligent sensors for measuring optical radiation and smart technologies for data acquisition, processing and evaluation. They can be scaled into different application areas and represent high efficiency increase and high customer benefit due to their good adaptability to customer processes. Miniaturization, digitization, automation – Nynomic consistently uses the constant technological change as the basis for above-average growth in the medium term compared to the market. The Nynomic Group has a clear marketing concept as a full-service provider from component to solution. It is globally positioned with independent brands and subsidiaries and around 425 employees.


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