NIRONE Scanner now ready for new piloting cases

In January 2018, Spectral Engines launched a next-generation platform for creating advanced material sensing solutions. We are now ready for new piloting cases all over the world.


NIRONETM Scanner is a solution which includes the world’s smartest material scanner, equipped with next generation NIR-technology, an easy-to-use mobile app, cloud connectivity and advanced algorithms.

"We believe that our customers will use the NIRONE Scanner solutions in many smart sensing applications. The NIRONE Scanner Platform consists of ready-made building blocks which enable the development of new material sensing applications in just a few months.  which reduces the risks, go-to-market time and development costs significantly”, describes Aleksi Ukkola, Head of Product Management from Spectral Engines.


The development process is divided into four steps. The first step is a free-of-charge feasibility analysis done by Spectral Engines for analyzing and ensuring the future success of the end product. It is then followed by laboratory measurements and algorithm developing. The third phase is the piloting phase, when more samples will be taken. The piloting phase is significantly shorter and multiple times cheaper than anywhere else. During the fourth step the scanner solution will be customized and made into a final material sensing product.



The NIRONE Scanner Platform is an excellent tool for building applications in many industries, such as Smart Industry, Smart Farming and Smart Home appliances. After years of research, it finally brings NIR-technology available for everyone. You don't need to be familiar with spectroscopy to create your own end product.


”We introduced the NIRONE Scanner Platform to the public at the world’s largest photonics event Photonics West in San Francisco earlier this year. The feedback we received was very enthusiastic and a lot of people were interested in our product. We’ve recognized a lot of application areas where our NIRONE Scanner solution can bring added value to our customers.  The first customer pilots will be done during the next three months and we believe that the first complete end-solutions will be delivered this year. In addition to this, our NIRSaaSTM business model reduces initial investments tremendously”, says Sales Manager Jaakko Lehtinen.


Spectral Engines is leading the way with its own portable material sensing solutions. Last year the company won a European Union Horizon Prize with its FoodScanner product concept. This year Spectral Engines launched TactiScan, a scanner product designed to detect illicit narcotics without unnecessary officer exposure, helping police officers screen narcotics safely in just a few seconds in the field.

If you’re interested in building your own scanner solution, don’t hesitate to contact us - our feasibility analysis is completely free.


For more information, watch our video on the NIRONE Scanner Platform here or listen to our webinar re-play of the Scanner Platform and learn about the basic building blocks for material sensing solutions to help you develop your applications.