Material scanners selected to a TOP5 list of future radical technologies

The Future Committee of Finland has published a report on radical technologies that will change the world and mold the future of society. The report was published at an official Future Committee hearing event held at the Finnish Parliament on April 18th 2018, and it is an update to a previous report published in 2013.


Ville Vähämäki, a member of the Finnish Parliament, has described the report as “probably the most important publication on radical technologies ever written”. The report includes a hundred technologies and innovations bound to change the world in the nearby future. The technologies have been prioritized on a scale of 1-100 based on their ability to evolve from prototypes into actually usable solutions.


Spectral Engines, a pioneer company in material sensing, has done vigorous research and innovation work during the past years, and this hard work has paid off, as material scanning applications are now acknowledged in the report as well. The top 5 technologies that have evolved the fastest were presented at the event, and we are extremely happy and honored to say that material sensing technologies were in this top 5. The other top radical innovations listed in the report include global artificial intelligence, neuro networks and self-driving cars.


The high ranking proves that the evolvement of material sensing technologies has been extremely rapid since the previous report in 2013. Spectral Engines has been an important revolutionizer of the whole material sensing industry during these past years, as we were the first ones able to miniaturize these technologies from laboratory-sized massive and expensive instruments to smaller and multiple times cheaper portable analyzers, simultaneously not sacrificing the high performance typically achieved with bench-top laboratory analyzers.


The final report is over 500 pages long and was written by researchers Risto Linturi and Osmo Kuusi. It was made in collaboration with over 2500 people during the last four years in workshops and a Facebook-group called “Radical Technologies”. At the event in Finnish Parliament, our CEO Jarkko Antila gave a speech on optical material sensing technology and its use cases in multiple different market areas, such as intelligent life-altering home appliances in smart homes, optimized production processes in smart industry and improved food production efficiency by next generation IoT-connected material scanners. A video stream of the event (in Finnish) can be found here:

Mr. Antila’s part starts at 1:09:00.


Earlier this year, Spectral Engines’ was already acknowledged as one of the hottest “Analog, MEMS and sensor startups to follow in 2018”. Following these important acknowledgements, we will proudly continue our work at the forefront of making the future and everyday lives better and industries smarter. We’d also like to congratulate all the other innovators who made the cut in achieving a position in this important ranking.


Let’s build the future together!