Laser 2000 and Spectral Engines sign Distribution Agreement

Laser 2000 GmbH and Spectral Engines Oy have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Also the Nordic countries are being covered in this agreement.

Spectral Engines provides unique miniaturised (NIR and MIR) spectral sensors for detection and analysis of gases, solids and liquids to improve the quality and energy efficiency in manufacturing. The devices are used, for example, for measuring moisture in process industry, food content (protein, fat, sugars), and for gas detection and analysis.

Traditionally, most of the companies have been using infrared spectroscopy for reliable materials detection and analysis. Today smaller, smarter and cheaper devices come into play to revolutionise the industry. Spectral Engines offers spectrometer performance at a sensor price point. The unique scalable technology enables size and cost reduction in the next generation of spectral measurement. Huge spectrometer machines are replaced by compact, lightweight, cost effective and low power sensors, which are also compatible to be connected wirelessly to Internet-of-Things and cloud services.

“We are very pleased to cooperate with Europe’s leading experts in distribution, a partnership that offers key benefits for both companies” mentioned Jarkko Antila, CEO of Spectral Engines.

"We consider this partnership with the very innovative company Spectral Engines a significant achievement and with a great potential of this outstanding technology", Dr. Rüdiger Hack, Managing Director of Laser 2000 GmbH pointed out. “With more than 28 years of experience, we guarantee our new partner excellent technical knowledge of products and customer application.”

About Spectral Engines Oy

Spectral Engines Oy develops and produces advanced spectral sensors. MEMS technology enables innovative intelligent sensing in miniature size to be implemented in a variety of markets and industries. Main markets of Spectral Engines include process, gas sensors and portable instruments.

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