KLV Co. believes in process and portable sensing applications market in Japan

Spectral Engines’ Japanese distributor, KLV co., visited Finland in May. During their visit they were familiarized with Spectral Engines’ new product portfolio and strategy. In April KLV had two trade shows in Japan where they demonstrated Spectral Engines’ OEM sensor platform and also the award-winning FoodScanner –solution.

KLV’s Sales Manager, Masa Fukushima, was excited during their visit. “We started our cooperation with Spectral Engines last year, and our customers have shown great interest towards the portfolio. We have tens of NIRONE demo systems in Japan, but we still need more to be able to respond the continuous testing requests from our clients. At the moment the waiting time to organize short demo trial is approximately from 1 to 2 months. This clearly shows how disruptive Spectral Engines’ technology is for many of our customers,” explains Mr.Fukushima.

“It was really great to hear about Spectral Engines FoodScanner concept and, of course, this big award from EU made great impression to us. We were honored to demonstrate the Spectral Engines’ FoodScanner –concept in two trade show in Japan. It made a big impact on me to see a complete solution that really works in a such demanding application as the food scanning is. I am very impressed the development capacity of Spectral Engines after seeing the FoodScanner at our booth in Photonix and OPIE 2017 trade shows. We will be showing FoodScanner platform next in Smart Sensing trade shows in Tokyo in June 7th to 9th. In my opinion smart sensing is perfectly in line with Spectral Engines’ new strategy and I am really looking forward to customer feedback from the trade show,” continues Fukushima.

Janne Suhonen, CCO of Spectral Engines, is also very impressed about the collaboration with KLV in Japan “I visited Japan last November and I got really positive impression on KLV’s technical and sales teams.  Based on our discussions I am confident that offering more complete solutions to the market will have a positive impact on our business also in Japan. KLV is very good partner for us, because they are also able to educate their customers about new technical and business opportunities concerning our technology offering”.

If you would like to familiarize yourself with Spectral Engines’ new offering and EU Horizon Prize winning FoodScanner –technology, please feel free to contact KLV’s Mr. Masa Fuskushima or Mr. Toshiyuki Tanaka or visit Smart Sensing conference in Tokyo in June 7th to 9th.

Hope to see you there!