Introducing the NIRONE Scanner Platform - the smartest, fastest and easiest way to create your unique material sensing solution

Spectral Engines, a pioneer company in material sensing, introduces a new complete material sensing solution for portable and process measurements. In the past, the development of material scanners has required special skills and thorough knowledge on spectroscopy. Spectral Engines’ new product, the NIRONE Scanner, is specifically designed to enable the creation of advanced material sensing solution fast and cost-effectively, and speed up significantly the market-entry of our customers.

NIRONE Scanner Platform is equipped with the world’s smartest material scanner and includes an easy-to-use mobile app, cloud connectivity for fast data collection and analysis as well as advanced machine learning algorithms with continuous algorithm development. It is scalable up to thousands of sensors, and the process from an initial idea to a finished material sensing solution is both considerably cheap and fast, making it available for a wider audience of material sensing solution developers.

The newest addition to the NIRONE product family brings forth a complete platform for designing a solution for optimizing performance, creating efficient manufacturing processes and the scanners can be used in portable sensing applications. Applications can be found in many different fields of industry ranging from Smart Agriculture and Smart Industry to Smart Homes. NIRONE Scanner Platform also opens up new opportunities in business concepts, and the new NIRSaaS (NIR Spectroscopy as a Service) allows us to minimize the starting investment of the final product.

One of our main goals is to make material sensing a technology available to everyone, and the platform has been developed to meet the needs of both end customers and system integrators, making it the world’s first complete platform for bringing the technologies of spectroscopy to a wider range of both consumer and industrial applications.

Come join us at Photonics West in San Francisco, CA, USA, and witness for yourself the world premiere of the NIRONE Scanner Platform.

NIRONE Scanner Platform will be available in February 2018.


Watch our webinar re-play of the Scanner Platform and learn about the basic building blocks for material sensing solutions.