Introducing the new NIRONE Sensors S1.4 and S2.5

Spectral Engines introduced its advanced compact and affordable NIRONETM Sensor family in June 2017. The wavelength range has so far covered the wavelengths between 1350 - 2150 nm. Spectral Engines is publishing two new sensors, NIRONE Sensors S1.4 and S2.5, in Photonics West 2019, which are now expanding the NIRONE Sensor wavelength range to 1100-2450 nm.

Absorptions in the NIR region are generated from fundamental vibrations by two processes; overtones and combinations. The new NIRONE Sensor S1.4 covers wavelengths 1100 – 1350nm and generates chemical information from 2nd overtone vibrations making the NIRONE S1.4 the ideal sensor for smart agriculture applications. For example, it can be used to measure protein and moisture levels in grains, solid foods and animal feed. Spectral Engines sees a lot of opportunities in agriculture applications for the new S1.4 sensors, which combine a penetration depth of shorter wavelengths with selectivity of true NIR wavelengths beyond a silicon detector range.

The new NIRONE Sensor S2.5 introduces a higher wavelength region, 2000 – 2450nm, which represents the spectroscopy information of a combination range. This NIR combination region offers stronger absorptions for many chemical compounds than overtone regions, which means better sensitivity and specificity in many material sensing applications. The new NIRONE Sensor S2.5 is especially good for measuring for example sugar and alcohol content in liquids and gases such as hydrocarbons.


Compact and robust NIRONE Sensors

Spectral Engines’ NIRONE Sensors are designed for system integrators who create leading-edge solutions for industrial applications and handheld material analyzing devices. Spectral Engines’ NIRONE Sensors use a patented Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) Fabry-Perot Interferometer enabling fast and reliable measurements even in the most demanding environments. NIRONE Sensors offer excellent performance fully comparable to the best laboratory instruments in a small package and only a fraction of the cost.


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