Introducing our new team members

A constant flow of new business opportunities has incited the need for recruitments. We are happy to announce that two members have joined the team. With these two recruitments, Spectral Engines is strengthening its’s sales and product development teams.


Matti Tossavainen started as Sales Manager in June 2019. At Spectral Engines he is responsible for leading the marketing activities and will work closely with distributors in Europe. He has a long career in sales and marketing in a variety of roles and he is a true multi-player in developing marketing and sales. His strengths lie in sales, marketing, management, development of sales processes and concepts as well as distribution and sales channel management. He describes himself as a lifelong learner and resilient person. "Spectral Engines is a very interesting company and I am very excited about working with a great team of experts as well as partners. As I discussed about this opportunity with CCO Janne Suhonen, it became quite obvious that in this position I will be able to utilize my experience and be a part of a growth-oriented company."


Cheng Hu joined the R&D team in July 2019 as Project Manager. As the Project Manager, Cheng is responsible for forming and executing R&D projects from the first feasibility study until successful implementation in production. Cheng has a long experience in project management, and he has been leading multiple successful projects, both hardware and software related. He has also gained experience as an entrepreneur. He sees himself as a strong team player with the mindset of an entrepreneur. “I saw this position very interesting and very similar to what I did when I was an entrepreneur. When talking with CEO Jarkko Antila and CTO Uula Kantojärvi, it became very clear that they want to establish a more agile way of working to the company and I know the path how to do that. That’s why I am really happy to see such a close match in between this position and my previous experiences,” says Cheng.


Let’s say welcome to our new team members! 


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