Heptagon teams up with Spectral Engines and GreenTropism to Deliver Complete Spectrometer Solution for Consumer and Industrial Applications

Heptagon ( today announced the company’s new Smart Handheld Spectrometer solution, the first in Heptagon’s family of Smart Spectral Solutions targeting both demanding industrial uses as well as consumer applications. The solution reliably detects and analyzes common organic materials such as foods, fabrics and materials, agriculture, environment, medicine and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and petrochemicals, and more.

“I am very happy to be a part of this consortium. For us, this clearly demonstrates how easy it is to integrate our NM-series OEM sensors to solutions where small size, mobility and cloud management are required. Working in the true NIR range of wavelengths gives the added sensitivity and specificity needed for high-quality measurements.”

The Heptagon Handheld Spectrometer will be demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas, NV, on Jan 5-8, 2017 in Heptagon’s booth #41354.

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