Greetings from the ICNIRS 2017, Copenhagen!

18th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy,the world’s largest scientific forum on NIR Spectroscopy, took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The exhibition and the conference gathered approximately 30 exhibitors and over 500 visitors under the same roof. Spectral Engines was present as a Gold Sponsor and Exhibitor in the show. It was really nice to meet a lot of NIR experts from different countries to learn the latest research achievements from NIR spectroscopy society.

New NIRONE sensor platform got a lot of positive feedback from NIR researchers

Spectral Engines launched a new strategy and NIRONE product family early June. ICNIRS conference was the first conference where the customers were able to familiarize themselves with our new products. Based on the feedback from NIR researchers all over the world, the size and performance of NIRONE sensors were highly appreciated. Many visitors were really positively surprised about our new offering and particularly our award-winning Food Scanner concept was seen really innovative. FoodScanner concept utilized our affordable sensors and intelligent algorithms to make really powerful and easily adaptable platform to all kind of NIR applications. Many researchers indicated immediately their willingness to evaluate Spectral Engines sensor solutions in their measurement applications that have been studied earlier only with the expensive laboratory analyzers. Based on discussions at ICNIRS17, there is a clear need for more price-competitive and compact solutions to the traditional NIR users – and this is definitely what many applications would require in the future. So the output from ICNIRS17 was more than obvious: the cost-effective, durable and miniaturized spectrometers gathered the greatest interest and they are the answer to the needs of the market.

Process analytical technologies, food and agriculture applications are still dominating

The most of talks were given, not surprisingly, from different process analytical technologies, dairy&food applications and agriculture applications. There is also a lot of research done in order to perform technology evaluations on these new technologies, including the calibration transfers from NIR analyzers to the NIR sensors and miniature spectrometers. In the current phase, many measurement applications are especially focused on the quality and production of food stuff. So Spectral Engines FoodScanner demo got a lot of interest from NIR experts.  FoodScanner platform was also seen as a novel platform to be applied in many other process and portable measurement applications, not only in food measurements.

Next time in Australia 2019

The future looks very bright for our innovation and technology, and we are expecting 2017 to be the kick-start for the great rise of NIR sensors as it makes sense. Next International Conference of NIR will be held on the Gold Coast, Australia, September 2019. I’m convinced that many of new spectroscopy applications will be published there based on miniaturized spectral sensors. Hope to see all of you there and let’s start to build this future together.

If you have interesting applications in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us.