Finnish consortium makes a 7 M€ investment – so far the largest in Finland – for next generation optical sensor technologies

Spectral Engines participates into Finnish industry driven consortium to develop next generation sensor platforms for future process measurements. The goal of the project, called Terävä, is to create long-term competitiveness for Finnish process measurement industry and support next generation instrument platform and application development.

Tekes grants so far the biggest joint project on optical measurement in Finland. A total budget of the Terävä project is almost 7M€ including contributions from Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes) and participating companies and agencies. Industrial partners of this remarkable Finnish consortium are Valmet Automation, Spectral Engines Oy, Oplatek Group Oy, Advacam Oy, Offcode Oy, TimeGate Instruments Oy, Rikola Ltd, FocalSpec Oy and Kemira Oyj. VTT and Tampere University of Technology are the main researh partners involved in Terävä project. The parties are motivated by the potential new business areas especially around quality controlling for web-like products as well as within medical, food, packaging, pharma and electronics industries.

The expectations of Tekes and companies lie in the estimated 125 M€ combined revenue growth after the commercialization of the product development. The biggest research company in the project is Valmet Automation Ltd and they're very familiar with the technology needs in the main application area. The other companies provides a great variety of measurement technologies. R&D project generates new knowledge about optical on-line measurement methods to characterize the most important physical parameters from web-like products. Project results will also be utilized broadly into outside the main application area.

"This project offers us a great chance to further develop our next generation sensor platforms. We have already brought onto market sensors that are ultra-compact, very robust, affordable and offer high performance. This project is going to strenghten new innovations around our revolutionary MEMS-sensor technology. We are, of course, excited to show how our sensors are offering spectrometer performance with sensor price point in real-time process applications", says Uula Kantojärvi, CTO of Spectral Engines.

"Terävä project splendidly supports the Valmet Automation research and development work on web-like products' online quality measurement and control technologies. The well established collaboration with VTT and TUT has facilitated the development of our application area know-how in the research institutions and now the Terävä project makes it possible to combine the expert knowledge of various researchers. One of the most interesting things in this project is the collaboration with the young measurement technology spinoff companies. This gives us a head start with our own measurement technologies while making it possible for them to commercialize their technologies on other fields", states Valmet Automation technology manager Markku Mäntylä.

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