Dr. Chad Lieber to lead Spectral Engines’ business development of Scanner products in USA

Spectral Engines is strengthening its activities in USA, and to boost the market entry of scanner products, Spectral Engines has enforced its team with a new team member, Chad Lieber. Dr. Lieber is an experienced product development and scientific leader, with an expertise in optics and optical spectroscopy, lasers, chemometrics, and process analytical technologies (PAT). As the Scanner Products Business Development Manager for Spectral Engines, Dr. Lieber will be focusing on sales and business development particularly in the US market, working especially with authorities and the law enforcement. Spectral Engines already has strong activities and footing in the North American market, and Dr. Lieber's role with Spectral Engines is to investigate new applications and markets for Spectral Engines’ special scanner products in North America and organize pilot tests with selected partners.

As a part of the new strategy, Spectral Engines will focus on growing business areas of smart scanner applications. Due to his long experience, Dr. Lieber has an excellent background for speeding up Spectral Engines’ scanner platform commercialization in North America. The technologies used in the scanner platform can be utilized in various applications throughout Smart Industry, Smart Agriculture and Smart Home related innovations.

The development of smaller and cost-effective measuring devices enables the use of the technologies outside of laboratories. Fast screeners and pre-screening tools make it possible to do field inspections on the go, simultaneously decreasing the need for expensive laboratory analysis. Portable spectrometer technologies are one of the fastest growing spectroscopy areas and Spectral Engines sees a lot of new business opportunities in these applications. Spectral Engines’ next generation Scanner platforms will shorten the development time of new applications significantly. Dr. Lieber will help our North American customers evaluate technology platforms in their specific applications.

“I have been a keen fan for their technologies and their company. It's an honor to be working with them now, with a fantastic new platform that should truly revolutionize a number of industries. I think the next several years will be extremely exciting for the field of spectroscopy, for the new customers, and for Spectral Engines", Dr. Lieber says.

As a former Chief Scientist and Vice President of Product Development at Prozess Technologies, Inc., Dr. Lieber has been leading a team developing analytical instrumentation for process industry and portable spectroscopy applications. Dr. Lieber has been in a key role, both managing the product definition and development, and also being responsible of market entries. Dr. Lieber has a PhD degree in Biomedical optics from Vanderbilt University and has an extensive professional career as a scientist and application specialist. He sees big growth potential in safety and security applications, when Spectral Engines’ affordable scanner platform together with advanced cloud based computing generate added value for law enforcement. The addition of Dr. Lieber in the Spectral Engines’ team will even further speed up Spectral Engines’ rapid growth in USA.