Develop your unique material sensing solution with our NIRONE Sensor X

In January 2019, Spectral Engines launched a new material sensor called NIRONETM Sensor X that has been designed to be easily integrated into consumer and handheld material analyzing devices. The application areas of consumer material analyzers will in the future cover textiles, pharmaceuticals, plastics and food. In real-world use cases this could mean food scanners for measuring the composition of different foods and analyzing textiles and stains in integrated smart home appliances such as intelligent washing machines as well as analyzers for detecting pharmaceutical and food forgeries.


NIRONE Sensor X is the newest addition to the NIRONE product family. The sensor’s design is based on the NIRONE Sensor S but its cost level and manufacturability have been optimized for high-volume production of consumer applications and handheld material analyzing devices. The NIRONE Sensor S is designed for system integrators for creating leading-edge products based on our smart NIR sensor platform.


The NIRONE Sensor X is a spectral sensor measuring the NIR spectrum at 1550 nm to 1950 nm wavelength band. On top of analyzing material compositions, NIRONE Sensor X includes an RGB color detector. This combination is the first of its kind in the world of spectral sensors and enables far more intelligent applications than ever before.


The sensor’s compact and robust design makes it an ideal sensor for consumer and handheld material analyzing devices. An integrated microcontroller and single connector make it easy to integrate the sensor into any design. Sensors are pre-calibrated and you can start using them right away in your application. Easy integration to any design and high volume production capability guarantee a fast market entry with your application.


NIRONE Sensor X product family includes two evaluation kits and a developer guide. The evaluation kits enable quick and cost-effective testing of sensor applicability and the development of Proof of Concepts. Why not start yours now?


NIRONE Sensor X Evaluation Kit  

The NIRONE Sensor X Evaluation Kit includes a USB interface and a PC software for easy and fast application testing.


NIRONE Sensor X Developer Kit

The NIRONE Sensor X Developer Kit includes 3 sensors and a developer guide that provides all the necessary information about how to integrate the sensor as a part of your product.


NIRONE Sensor X Developer Guide

The developer guide helps developers to connect NIRONE Sensor X to their own measurement systems and save time.


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