Cloud computing is a critical building block in the future sensor solutions

Spectral Engines has launched a new NIRONE sensor platform which includes compact sensors, ready-made portable devices, and advanced scanners. Spectral Engines’ new strategy is to offer more complete building blocks for material sensing solutions and speed up the customers' market entry through the renewed offering. The role of advanced algorithm development is more and more important in Spectral Engines’ new strategy where intelligent algorithms are combined with affordable sensors to help the customers to bring new solutions faster to market.

Guillem Ballesteros-Garcia started in the beginning of June as an Algorithm expert. Guillem is studying towards his PhD in Physics at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. He has a multidisciplinary background including know-how and experience about physics, photonics, measurement technology, and algorithms. Guillem's theoretical background and practical experience offer an excellent starting point to develop new algorithm solutions for spectral sensors.

He will be a member in Spectral Engines' algorithm development team who built the award-winning algorithms for the EU Horizon Prize in Food Scanner competition last year. This team involves both chemometrics and artificial intelligence expertise which will be used in the new tools for automatic instrument function corrections and chemometrical model building and implementation. This team also builds customized solutions for dedicated customer cases and generic tools for the management of sensor networks.

Guillem commented, “I have a strong mathematical background and work daily with optical setups which will allow me to introduce domain specific information into the machine learning pipelines that we are developing. An increase in the number of sensors deployed means that we are receiving more and more data every day. This provides the opportunity to apply more complex algorithms capable of extracting information that was hard to access before”.

“We have seen the big opportunity in combining MEMS-based spectral sensors and machine learning algorithms. We are convinced that Guillem’s competence and physics background is a perfect match for us and those future needs which we are ready to solve”, says Uula Kantojarvi, CTO of Spectral Engines.

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More information: Uula Kantojarvi, CTO, mobile +358 40 738 5084.