Claude Robotham to lead Spectral Engines growth in the U.S. market

Spectral Engines strengthens its position in the U.S. market. The U.S. market is seen as one of the most important market for Spectral Engines. Spectral Engines has already worked with a strategic partner, Flash Photonics, in the North America market. However, to drive the growth in the market further, a decision was made to expand our local presence in the U.S. and Canada. The role of the new Sales Manager involves business development, sales and market development and building our distributor network further in both NIRONETM and TactiScan product lines.

Claude Robotham (Ph.D.) was hired as the US and Canada Sales Manager in November 2019. Claude has previously worked in sales and business development, as well as in product management and development at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Rigaku. Claude also possesses extensive knowledge of spectroscopy applications in Pharmaceuticals, Safety and Security, and Industrial markets. We look forward to his experience in generating customer value in the US with Spectral Engines products and solutions.


With more than 16 years’ experience in analytical instrumentation and providing customer-focused solutions, I’m looking forward to joining the Spectral Engines team and delivering their award-winning technology to the US and Canadian markets”, says Robotham.


“We had several good candidates in the final interviews. At the end of the day, Claude’s experience of spectroscopy and applications made the difference. He has also very long experience from product development and sales so he is able to help our customers and local partners in OEM business and product development. Particularly, the sales of NIRONE Scanner products require a good understanding and experience of both business and technology. We, as Spectral Engines, help our customers to conquer new markets with our core Spectral Sensor technology. We are really looking forward to Claude’s contribution in building a strong partnership with our customers in North America”, says Spectral Engines' CCO, Janne Suhonen.


“The US market is growing and ready for new technology that helps drive safety, efficiencies, and customer solutions. Spectral Engines entry to the U.S. market will provide advanced chemical detection technology with industry-leading customer support”, Robotham summarizes his views on the market and growth opportunities in the U.S.


Claude started in November and is eager to discuss with Spectral Engines’ customers about their future product plans. Spectral Engines will attend some conferences in the US in the first Quarter 2020, like Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco and IFPAC in Washington, D.C. More information about these events will be available soon.