ACAL BFi and Spectral Engines sign distribution agreement

Acal BFi and Spectral Engines have entered into an agreement to distribute ultra-compact low cost IR spectrometers and modules.

Acal BFi, a market leader in photonics and spectroscopy solutions, is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Spectral Engines in France, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Italy. This agreement allows Acal BFi to extend its IR Spectroscopy product portfolio to better address OEMs and volume integrators. Spectral Engines, Finland based advanced sensor company, has introduced unique IR spectroscopy solutions to the market, based on a proprietary MEMS technology.

Spectral Engines’s standard Spectral Sensors cover wavelengths from 1350 to 2150 nm (N-series) as well as from 3000 to 4300 nm ranges (M-series). All units are fully programmable, ultra compact and offer low power consumption. With less than 125 g, high optical performance and their low sensitivity to environment, Spectral Engines’s N-series products can easily be integrated into process monitoring applications, portable instruments and even consumer products.

Spectral Engines’ product portfolio consists of several configurations to end-users and OEM customers starting from TEC-stabilized sensors to complete wireless, battery-powered portable IR sensors. Spectral Engines’s novel wireless IR sensor platform received the Photonics Prism Award 2016, awarded by SPIE (Int. Society for Optics and Photonics) and Photonics Media at the Photonics West exhibition in San Francisco. In addition, Spectral Engines introduced this year new a smaller-than-cubic-inch NIR spectrometer (weight is only 15 grams) that makes it as the worlds most compact and cost-efficient NIR measurement module.

Jean-Claude Sanudo, Business Development Director for Photonics, Acal BFi said “The partnership with Spectral Engines is really what we were looking for to fulfil the needs of many customers looking for a reliable and low cost solution for IR Spectroscopy, with no compromise on performance and reliability. We have put a lot of emphasis on it recently and are becoming a recognized expert in this field. I am particularly impressed by Spectral Engines design in its capability to work under harsh environment, whether temperature or vibration, from such a compact and cost attractive design”.

Janne Suhonen, Chief Commercial Officer of Spectral Engines, is very confident that this relationship strengthens sales and distribution of Spectral Engines’ products in Europe. “We are very excited to start our collaboration with Acal BFi. Acal has strong reputation and extensive customer base in industrial OEM sensors and spectroscopy. We believe strongly that through this relationship we are able to expand the use of spectroscopy into new industrial applications”.

About Acal BFi: Acal BFi is a European leader in advanced technology solutions, providing marketing, engineering, design, manufacturing and custom services and the only such supplier with an infrastructure to deliver a broad complementary range of specialist products and bespoke solutions across Europe. Acal BFi is part of the Acal PLC Group, which has two divisions: Design & Manufacturing and Custom Distribution. The majority of its sales come from products and solutions which are created uniquely for a customer. Acal works across a range of technologies, namely Power & Magnetics; Communications & Sensors; Electromechanical; Imaging & Photonics; and Embedded Computers & Displays.