Spectral Engines strengthens its sales with new team member Tomi Väänänen

Spectral Engines is turning its gaze towards APAC countries as great business potential is seen there. The new team member, Tomi Väänänen, will be focusing on sales and business development particularly in Asian main markets, such as China, Japan and Korea. Spectral Engines has already got very strong foothold in the fast growing Asian market where the portability and attractive price point of sensors have risen high interest.

Tomi Väänänen sees growing business opportunities in APAC countries
Spectral Engines is planning to expand its business to the APAC countries, where great potential is seen in China, Japan and Korea. To level off the market entry, Spectral Engines has enforced its team with a new team member Tomi Väänänen, who joined the team just two months ago. Tomi’s experience lies in his long and extensive experience in sales and sales management. His comprehensive experience has been gained during the 6 -year period at Thermo Radiometrie as Sales Manager, where he was in charge of sales of the optical sensor technology in several industrial processes. International business environment and sales is not new to him either as building Electrobit’s country organization took him to Chennai, India.

“It has been great to notice the incredibly high interest towards Spectral Engines and our spectral sensors. I believe that in addition to quality monitoring and portable field inspection applications, spectral sensors will have a great market potential in many high-volume applications. I came along at a perfect time as Spectral Engines was just developing its new business strategy and also brand renewal was taking place. It has been a busy start! I believe we will have a upper hand with our new strategy that is more focused on high-volume application sales, and Spectral Engines’ meaningful intelligence will get the right boost as we are launching new calculation algorithms later this week,” Tomi explains.

New product portfolio and openings in Asian countries

Business development with international twist is gained through experience but now it is built in to him. “I am looking forward starting the business development in Asian markets. I used to live in Chennai, India, but I have also done business in Japan and China. I have already had the opportunity to meet several partners from Japan and China, and we will be announcing new sales partners from these countries in June-July,” Tomi continues. “From these meetings I have received an impression that our sales pipeline is very strong in both of these countries in addition to high-motivated sales teams” he describes.

The next task that Tomi will be concentrating in his work, are the new countries India and Korea as they are developing in many application areas in high speed. He is also very interested in hearing customer feedback from new offering and selected application areas of the Spectral Engines. As part of the new strategy, Spectral Engines will focus in growing business areas such as smart industry, farming, homes and portable field inspection solutions. “The company was awarded in March by European Union for the best Food Scanner solution. This particular scanner technology drew a lot of interest and now we have negotiations going on with several partners who are interested in building their own products by using our wireless platforms and cloud-based toolboxes. This will most certainly keep me busy, “ he laughs.

Do not hesitate to contact Tomi or any other sales person from our team, if you are interested in receiving further information of Spectral Engines’ new offering.