A new international talent joins the software development team

Spectral Engines’ new strategy is to offer more complete solutions for material sensing and speed up the customers’ end product’s market entry. The role of software development is becoming more and more vital in Spectral Engines’ new product offering, where the world’s smartest material scanner NIRONE Device is combined with advanced machine learning algorithms to help the customers bring new solutions faster to market.
Spectral Engines’ new Front-end Developer Hung-Han Chen started working at Spectral Engines in the beginning of January 2018, and works in the software development team. As a Front-end Developer, he is in charge of implementing the customer parts of our software stack, including the user interfaces of our mobile apps, web applications and PC software. A part of his job is developing the cloud infrastructure and back end.
When implementing cutting edge technologies in our products, we want the look-and-feel of our software's front end to reflect the high quality of the rest of the product. It is important to us that our user interfaces are extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. The addition of Hung-Han Chen in the team will bring even more insight and expertise to the continuous development of our solutions.
“I wanted to work for a company that has its own ´hardware´ products and doesn’t sell only services. I chose Spectral Engines because of its strong culture and growth-company atmosphere. I like companies that have a relatively flat organization. I have great colleagues and it has been easy to get to know the team. I feel like I have a chance for personal development here, and the device we are developing at Spectral Engines is very interesting, and I firmly believe in its success”, Hung-Han Chen says.
Chen has a strong background in UI/UX. He is currently doing his doctorate on Arts in Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. Therefore, in addition to the developer role, he cares and has vast knowledge about the smaller details in user interface design. As Chen himself has said, “User Interfaces should work well, but in addition they should also look beautiful”.

Chen’s two previous degrees are Master of Arts from National Chiao Tung University, and Master of Life Sciences from National Tsing Hua University, both of which are located in Taiwan.

We did the first round of recruiting during last fall, and all of the recruited talents are now working at full speed. Spectral Engines employs already approximately 25 people, with a goal of recruiting around 10 people during the next 6-12 months. A constant flow of new business opportunities has incited the need for recruitments, and the team has grown rapidly during the past months.