A new embedded sensor platform for process automation applications developed by tec5 and Spectral Engines

Spectral Engines and tec5 have developed a new embedded sensor platform, in which the core product of Spectral Engines, the NIRONETM Sensor, has been combined with a tec5 embedded platform tecSaaS® (Spectrometer as a Sensor). tec5 is a German high-tech company founded in 1993 and focused on embedded spectrometer systems for industrial applications. At the core of tec5’s business is the development and manufacturing of high-grade industrial systems and OEM components for UV-VIS-NIR and Raman spectroscopy.


tecSaaS is one of tec5’s leading products. It is a modular embedded electronics and software platform for OEM’s and the perfect starting point for fast and cost-efficient realization of robust, stand-alone sensors for operation in production, machinery, on-site and online. The new MBS-CB OEM electronics can accommodate one or two MEMS sensors of the NIRONE-type, which are compatible with the firmware and development tools of the tecSaaS. This new design is based on tec5’s long experience of industrial electronics solutions and now tecSaaS is also available for affordable MEMS sensors.


Spectral Engines’ and tec5’s collaboration resulted in the development of a new industrial hard- and software platform for enabling rapid industrial online integration. This first pilot project between Spectral Engines and tec5 has shown remarkable results in a very short development time in just less than 2 months. Spectral Engines and tec5 managed to develop a solid solution where NIRONE Sensors were integrated into the customer’s production line, and real-time quality monitoring and sensor information was connected to the customer’s process automation system by using industrial Ethernet communication. First installations of the MEMS based sensors are already taking place in the food industry.


As with all implementations of the tecSaaS platform, industrial ruggedness and suitability as well as rapid project implementation was a top priority in this project. The development process and the final product have been a huge success for both companies and a prime example of how tec5´s embedded platform expands the endless opportunities of NIRONE sensors in today´s demanding industrial applications and environments. It also demonstrates how easy it can be to develop and manufacture tailored solutions for different industry segments by using Spectral Engines’ NIRONE Sensor together with tec5’s tecSaaS embedded hard- and software platform. This joint development paves the way for affordable and miniaturized sensor solutions for factory and process automation applications.


Together with the NIRONE Sensor’s adaptability to harsh environments, tecSaaS brings additional benefits to a myriad of industry applications. As no separate PC is needed for operating tecSaaS, all previously known disadvantages such as IT insecurity, instability, downtime, as well as maintenance and update costs are no more an issue. The modular architecture of both products allows a fast time-to-market of OEM projects, in small and large quantities.


On a wider scale, this new collaboration further expands the use of NIRONETM sensors towards even more industrial applications, as the sensors can now be hooked easily to process control and monitoring systems and interfaces such as Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, OPC UA, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, CAN Bus, etc.

You can read more about the unique qualities of NIRONE Sensors and why they are a good choice for industry applications here.


If you are interested to learn more, please do not hesitate and contact: Dr. Dominik Rabus, Country Manager DACH of the NIRONE product family. / mobile +49 176 57604173 / office +49 7947 3460246