A Day of Photonics Draw is now open!

Spectral Engines has launched a Day of Photonics Draw to support the worldwide promotion of photonics. The main prize is the NIR sensor module (complete evaluation kit). These spectral Modules are designed for system integrators for creating leading-edge products and solutions for process, portable or consumer products.

Spectral Engines’ Member of the Board of Directors Dr. Jyrki Saarinen works as a Professor at the University of Eastern Finland, where his main responsibilities are improving photonics business and increasing international knowledge on photonics business opportunities. He is also a Vice Chairman of the Photonics Finland Association.

Dr. Saarinen highlights the importance of photonics and spectroscopy: ”The 21st century of photonics connects people (optical telecom) and machines (Internet-of-Things) all around the World, saves limited resources of energy in our Globe (e.g., solar energy, LED lighting) and monitors our environment and nature, and opens up new ways to see and survey World around us (e.g., spectroscopy) – not only in industrial, but also in consumer level.”

Participate via the Day of Photonics Draw webpage! The winner will be amongst the first to receive world's smallest IR spectral sensor!

About the Day of Photonics
Day of Photonics is managed by EPIC, a not-for-profit photonics industry association composed of 250 members across 28 countries. EPIC is the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organizations working in the field of photonics in Europe.

Day of Photonics is an biennial event held every 2 years that promotes “photonics” towards the general public. Companies, research organizations, and organizations involved in photonics reach out to their communities to raise awareness about what is photonics and why it is important, and promote the role of their organization in the photonics ecosystem and value chain. Read more here.

The draw is open until 21st of October.
The winner will be published on our web page on October 21st. We will also contact the winner directly.