In 2021, we are going to host webinars with different interesting topics. We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to these live events.


Webinar_0221 (2)

In the first webinar in February we spoke about Textile Sorting and Recycling and how spectroscopy as a material sensing technology can quickly and accurately identify the materialWe were happy to welcome as guest speakers to our Webinar:  

  • Martijn Witteveen from Dibella b.v.
    "NIR and the possible applications in the Textile Service Industry"
  • Sini Ilmonen from LSJH
    "Towards circulation of textiles"

Their knowledge and their experience with NIRONE illustrated the efficiency of our products in the Textile sector. Futhermore, you could also learn about the basic building blocks for material sensing solutions to help you develop your applications with Spectral Engines’ technologies and how to build your own material scanner.