Spectral Sensor Technology

Spectral Engines’ Spectral Sensors enable size and cost reductions in the next generation of high-performance spectral measurement instrumentation. It is the world’s first truly miniaturized and robust infrared MEMS spectrometer capable of covering NIR ranges above 1.7 um without any losses in performance. Unlike in FT-IR’s or linear array –based devices, the sensor can be configured for each measurement application by software for Signal-to-Noise optimization and data reduction. The N-family of Spectral Sensors operates within the wavelength ranges of 1350-2150 nm and the M-family between 3.0 and 4.3 um.

The Sensors incorporate a novel monolithic, off-plane Micromechanical Fabry-Perot Interferometer enabling fast and stabile operation and resistance to shocks, vibrations and wear. Unlike in conventional spectrometer schemes, the Spectral Sensor does not have a slit nor folding optics, it needs only a single point detector instead of a linear array and furthermore there are no long scanning distances needed, a common feature in FT-IR’s. This makes the entire optical system to have simple direct optics and therefore compact size yet with a high throughput. The device has a very small form factor and contains no wearing parts. The Spectral Sensor has a dynamic range of 10’000, operates at temperatures up to 70°C and has high resistance to shocks and vibrations while keeping a top-of-the-line temperature stability and device-to-device repeatability.


Typical measurement scheme.