Application examples

Read more about our novel technology and solutions, you can find our application notes here.

Portable Devices

Portable NIR sensors expand business of NIR spectroscopy. Spectral Engines wireless sensor devices provide small, robust and fast measurement technology for field material sensing applications.
Application Note Material Sensing

Portable NIR sensors enable fast and accurate material detection in safety and security applications. Portability and connectivity would help officials and other inspectors to use powerful Near-Infrared (NIR) also in many field applications.
Application Note Safe and Security

Smart Homes

Spectral Engines’ award-winning Food Scanner technology combines affordable material sensors and cloud computing. Future smart home appliance will tell about the food you consume.
Application Note Smart Homes FoodScanner

Smart Industry

New pharmaceutical manufacturing processes require next-generation quality monitoring tools. Spectral Engines’ sensors offer real-time data on pharmaceutical processes.
Application Note Pharmaceuticals

Hydrocarbon measurement is acritical quality attribute in many smart industry processes. Read more about Spectral Engines’ solutions for hydrocarbon analysis.
Application Note Hydrocarbon

Moisture is a critical parameter in industrial processes. Read more about Spectral Engines’ solutions for ultra-low moisture analysis in smart process industry.
Application Note Moisture