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These pages will provide information on the novel Spectral Sensor technology, but also provides more information on the products and applications, as well as scientific references.

Other publications
A general article on our MEMS sensors and their use: Kantojärvi et al., Laser+Photonics, January, 2015:
MEMS spectral sensors bring laboratory measurements to field use

A comprehensive review article on MEMS based Near-infrared spectrometers including Fabry-Perot interferometers, Fourier Transform spectrometers (FTIR), Linear Variable Filters, dispersive elements and others: Antila, J., Tuohiniemi, M., Rissanen, A., Kantojärvi, U., Lahti, M., Viherkanto, K., Kaarre, M. and Malinen, J. 2014. Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry. 1–36.
MEMS- and MOEMS-Based Near-Infrared Spectrometers