MEMS and the future of material scanners

In the future, material scanners need expertise from silicon to cloud.

Not so long ago, in late 2006 to be exact, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) came into many people’s lives without them actually noticing it. The MEMS-based device that made its way into our homes was called Nintendo Wii, and even though it was a huge success, most...

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How to Build Artificial Intelligence Applications Cost Effectively

It has been difficult to avoid hearing stories how artificial intelligence will change many industries in the next coming 5-10 years. There has been a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence, but when will we get something more than just chat bots and computers playing games? Could I do something with it, even if my company is not one of the...

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My passionate vision of miniaturized spectral sensors for the next industrial revolution

Semiconductor devices have been at the center of my attention ever since I became aware of them at school in the late 1980’s. This passion has stayed with me since then. After my studies, I had the privilege of working in leading-edge sensor and automation companies like Festo and Burkert. This is where I started to see the future revolution of...

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How sensors save Christmas (and year 2018)

It’s our favorite time of the year, the Christmas holiday season! All the good things are already well on their way: the smell of cooking Christmas foods, the warmth of a fireplace, the joyful ornaments on the Christmas tree… This year has been a triumphant one for us as a company, and with a little help from our sensors, I think that this...

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From Farm to Fork – sensor technology will change the future of nutrition

“How do we ensure there’s enough food for everyone in the future?”

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Full speed ahead towards the future – how photonics is changing our world

This fall, we have been writing the history of our young company. You might wonder why we wanted to write the story of a company founded in 2014, when the major steps in its development are yet to come. But that’s exactly why we wanted to do it. We aim to play a significant role in building the future, which is why we wanted to approach the task...

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How to make Smart Homes even smarter?

The business concerning smart homes is growing fast despite the fact that sometimes the definition of what really is smart home business can be vague. E.g. Statista has estimated the year-to-year growth of smart home business in the US being +50% in 2017 at $3.3b. One part of the business is the sensors and devices that are being built with...

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From suitcase to pocket-size

When I started my professional career more than 20 years ago as a young engineer full of enthusiasm in Rautaruukki New Technology (later a part of Thermo Radiometrie), I was lucky enough to take part in and follow closely development work of various innovative optical measurement devices. One of these devices was oil film thickness measurement...

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Meaningful intelligence makes sense!

It has been said that the 21st century is the century of photonics, just like 20th century is known for the evolution of electronics. We are going to see more and more photonics innovations where the power of light will be used in different ways in our everyday lives. Spectroscopy is based on photonics and we have already seen it being used very...

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On foodscanners and tricorders (and why 2017 is significant)

Why not disrupt - this was the question that suddenly appeared in my head when we completed the first material scanner prototypes a few years ago. We were measuring multiple key parameters concerning fuel quality very successfully but I immediately saw much further: the device I had in my hands could be used to measure the composition of all...

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