How sensors save Christmas (and year 2018)

It’s our favorite time of the year, the Christmas holiday season! All the good things are already well on their way: the smell of cooking Christmas foods, the warmth of a fireplace, the joyful ornaments on the Christmas tree… This year has been a triumphant one for us as a company, and with a little help from our sensors, I think that this Christmas will be extra special as well!


Sense the Christmas feeling

But how can you ever really know the nutritional content of the chocolates and gingerbread to keep your grandpa from worrying about his diabetes so that he could focus on singing Christmas carols? Are we sure his medication isn’t just another pharmaceutical forgery? How can you be sure that your Christmas tree was optimally fertilized to ensure that it will stay fresh and evergreen during the Christmas holidays? There will be absolutely no need to fight over leftover ham when you can actually demonstrate that its fat content is through the roof…


Not to mention the “silk” scarf or woolen sweater you got for a present… Take your material sensing solution and find out what they are really made of! No more fearing you’ll ruin that thing in the washing machine, when it will tell you the correct material and washing temperature.


As always, we have answers to all of your tricky festivity-related questions. We can save you from all kinds of little troubles and maybe even rescue you from family feuds by joining forces with Santa’s favorite little helpers, miniaturized spectral sensors! Let’s take care together that Grandma won’t fall off her rocking chair by checking the alcohol levels of the mulled wine. It’s also good to double check the moisture levels of the sponge cake, in case of an emergency with her false teeth…


2018 is just around the corner…. and it’s looking all bright and shiny

As the new year is approaching and the old one is coming to its end, it’s good to reflect on what’s been done and what is yet to come. One of my personal favorites of the highlights we had this year as a company was winning the FoodScanner-competition. It showed us and the world that we really have what it takes to make cost-effective, powerful sensing solutions that will help shape the world a better place.


But of course, winning isn’t everything there is to life. It has been a joy and a privilege to see how new talents, all of them industry experts and specialists in their respective fields have come to work at Spectral Engines – to see how we’ve grown from a small start-up to a major player in the global sensor technology market. This brought us to a situation where we needed bigger business premises for product development, innovation and our growing team. We wanted to do something big to celebrate this, and hosted a Grand Opening and a launch event for our friends and industry partners in November. To me, the event marked an important milestone in growing our business and continuing in the same path at the new premises next year as well. I’m proud to say that at Spectral Engines, we welcome new challenges with our hearts open.


Next year will be pretty awesome as well, if I might say so myself. We will launch a whole bunch of new, exciting products like Tactiscan, with the help of our EU funding and all of the business opportunities we’ve gotten this year. We will have bigger factories and facilities for manufacturing our products, and we will continue on having the most exciting new partnerships with global makers of the future. Together with our prize-winning team and collaborators all around the globe we’ll also continue making a change in the world of spectral sensing.


To me, this is the ultimate gift I could ask for.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me and everyone at Spectral Engines!


By Jarkko Antila, CEO, Spectral Engines