Fighting against drugs requires right tools

In law enforcement, having the right tools to do the job has been and will continue to be a continuous pursuit. Regardless of the challenge, there is a constantly changing environment that challenges police organizations and officers to improve their capability and capacity. No professional is closer to the crisis of drug abuse than the those...

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Spectral Engines’ NIRONE Scanner: A tool for anti-counterfeiting - a view from an expert

One of the most interesting use cases for Spectral Engines’ NIR spectrometry is in global anti-counterfeiting. However, lets first turn an eye on two issues: What we know about the problem in some key sectors, and what approaches many in-house anti-counterfeiting experts are adapting when trying to tackle the problem on a global scale.  At the...

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NIR Technology and the Plastic Pollution Crisis

Plastic pollution in one form or another can be found virtually everywhere on our planet. From cigarette butts, plastic bags and water bottles to microplastics, plastic is polluting our habitats, rivers, forests, beaches and oceans. Our tremendous attraction to plastic, coupled with its properties such as durability and resistance to corrosion...

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Efficient textile recycling with NIR Spectroscopy

I’m sure that most of us don’t know that the textile industry is the world’s second-largest industrial polluter after the oil and petrochemical industry. Textiles account for 10% of global carbon emissions, use vast amounts of water and energy and get produced with highly toxic chemicals. Petrochemical textile materials such as acrylic,...

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How to solve global challenges with NIR spectroscopy

There world of spectroscopy is vast and includes technologies such as fluorescence, VIS, NIR, Raman and LIBS. All of them have unique benefits, and to make them meaningful, we should understand their power. In other words, if we can’t know where technology can be used to solve practical issues, it becomes useless. At the end of the day the only...

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Smart Homes move to a new era

Smart Homes are all about the ease of living at home. People yearn for more automated household chores (or, frankly, not having to do anything at all), healthier food, safer products, and overall savings while having easy and cool solutions for doing all this.

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How to scale up optical sensors for high volumes

Last month I visited the AWE Appliance & Electronics World Expo, an international exhibition of household appliances in Shanghai. The definite highlight of my trip was attending the launch event of BSH’s new product, X-Spect. As the first real consumer material scanner, it is a good example of how spectroscopy will find new emerging markets...

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CES 2019 – Meaningful intelligence?

A smart kitchen, smart scales, smart helmets, smart watches, smart robots, smart locks, smart TVs, smart cars… this is what I saw at CES 2019. CES is an event that brings 180’000 people together annually to showcase new smart innovations and products in Las Vegas, USA. I went there with a lot of excitement to see what the new trends of consumer...

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SLUSH - Big Dreams

SLUSH, the biggest tech startup event in the Nordic countries, took place some weeks ago here in Helsinki. Over 3,100 startups and 1,800 investors met at SLUSH this year. Throughout its history, the event has played an important role for many start-ups in Finland - and for us, too.

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Our Recipe for Successful Application Development

The background of NIR spectroscopy is heavily rooted in laboratory analysis. The recent trend, however, has been to use this powerful technology also in industrial processes, portable analyzers and even in consumer applications. Spectroscopy-based application development might sometimes sound mysterious, which has been slowing down the...

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